• Bern Ruelas Owner

    Being passionate about the thing you do for a living makes life a lot of fun. That's why I started Juvare Studios. I love what I do.

  • Jono Ruelas Art Director

    Masters in Design Management Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD). Designing is what I'm all about - ask me.

Our passion is videography and web design.

That is what we do.

For Juvare, creating and installing the site is just the beginning. We do much more AFTER the site goes live, because getting the site on the net is just the first step. In fact, some of our customers already have a website that was designed, put on the net, then forgotten.

Not everyone can get their website noticed by the customers they want. We will help you do that. We use website analytics and SEO (Search Engine Optomization) techniques to fine tune your online business for a more effective and ever improving web presence.

We can also handle short video productions and incorporate them into your website, or they can be used as a standalone product or ad - just contact us: